Universal Audio Apollo 16 18x20 Thunderbolt 2 Audio Interface with UAD DSP

Audio Interfaces - World-class I/O with Classic Analog Sound!Get the pristine digital conversion and the extensive analog I/O you want plus the UAD-2 power your music demands with the Universal Audio   


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Audio Interfaces - World-class I/O with Classic Analog Sound!Get the pristine digital conversion and the extensive analog I/O you want plus the UAD-2 power your music demands with the Universal Audio Apollo 16 next-gen edition. This revised version of the Apollo 16 sports Thunderbolt 2 connectivity, providing you with an impressive sub-2ms of latency and real-time UAD-2 QUAD core processing, plus next-gen digital converters that sound absolutely amazing. With Universal Audio's Apollo Expanded line and Console 2.0 software, you can comfortably combine up to four Apollo 16s (or other Thunderbolt Apollo models) for up to 64 channels and 16 UAD-2 processors, and still have room to add Thunderbolt UAD-2 Satellites. Find out for yourself why the Apollo lineup is such a hit here at Sweetwater - order your Apollo 16 next-gen today!Second-gen signal path delivers superior sound qualityFor many of us who first picked up an Apollo audio interface for the onboard UAD-2 processing, the impressive sound quality was a seriously nice bonus. Then again, Universal Audio has always been known for their top-notch analog gear. Now they've raised the bar again by upgrading the Apollo lineup's digital converters and refining the signal path even more. The results are absolutely astonishing, offering you superb stereo imaging with a level of clarity that gives your sound serious breathing room. Whether you buy it for the DSP, the high-speed Thunderbolt connectivity, or the sound quality itself, you're sure to be satisfied with your Apollo audio interface.UAD-2 DSP delivers dedicated power for amazing plug-insAsk anyone at Sweetwater, and they'll tell you that Universal Audio's UAD Powered Plug-ins are some of the best-sounding virtual processors ever created. Apollo 16 packs UA's super-powerful UAD-2 processing, which lets you use UAD Powered Plug-ins at below 2ms of latency in real time! That means you can record, mix, and master with some of the best plug-ins in the industry, without requiring any external processing. You can also use the Virtual I/O feature to process virtual instruments and DAW tracks in real time too!Thunderbolt gives you ultra-low latency and unrivaled bandwidthYou haven't experienced low latency until you've gotten your hands on a Thunderbolt audio interface such as this Apollo 16. But the Apollo 16 doesn't just benefit from the Massive track count and less than 2ms latency ultra-high-speed Thunderbolt 2 connectivity has to offer; it also lets you track and record with extremely processor-intensive plug-in processors, all without experiencing any significant stress on your computer.Realtime Analog Classics Plus bundle includes amazing UAD-2 plug-insYou're ready to dive right into the world of UAD-2 plug-ins from the moment you install your Apollo 16's software. That's because Universal Audio includes their impressive Realtime Analog Classics Plus UAD-2 plug-in bundle, which provides you with eight amazing DSP-driven processors. In addition to vintage UA gear, such as 1176 and LA-2A dynamics processors, as well as preamp and EQ models, this bundle comes with hits from Fairchild, Pultec, and more. And when you want other amazing UAD-2 plug-ins, there are dozens of options, from SSL and Neve consoles to Studer tape machines and more all available in the UAD store.Included UAD-2 Plug-ins:. UA 610x90B. Marshall Plexi Classic Amplifier. Fairchild 670 Legacy. Teletronix LAx902A Legacy. UA 1176LN Legacy. UA 1176SE Legacy. Pultec EQPx901A Legacy. Pultec Pro Legacy. Precision Channel Strip. Precision Reflection Engine. Precision Delay Modulation. Precision Delay Modulation L. UA Precision Enhancer Hz. Raw Distortion. Ampeg SVT-VR. RealVerbx90Pro. Grow your system with Apollo Expanded and Console 2.0Thanks to the phenomenal speed of Thunderbolt and the flexibility of Universal Audio's Console 2.0 UAD software, combining Apollo Expanded interfaces to create high-power, high-channel systems that can handle the demands of extremely large

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