Shure KSE1200 Electrostatic Earphone System

Live Sound Monitoring - Compact Electrostatic Playback System with Earphones and Portable AmpThe streamlined Shure KSE1200 is even more compact and versatile than last year's KSE1500. The concept is t  


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Live Sound Monitoring - Compact Electrostatic Playback System with Earphones and Portable AmpThe streamlined Shure KSE1200 is even more compact and versatile than last year's KSE1500. The concept is the same: this is a complete audiophile electrostatic playback system that fits in your back pocket. But the absence of the 1500s' DAC and DSP reduces cost and real estate for even greater portability and accessibility. The Shure KSE1200 consists of a pair of 10Hz–50kHz noise-isolating electrostatic earphones, an acoustically transparent, low-capacitance Kevlar cable, and an audiophile amplifier. Connect to your phone, computer, or audiophile playback system using the included 1/8 cable, and the Shure KSE1200 is sure to reveal nuance and dimensionality in your music you never knew existed. The 12-hour rechargeable battery nets users a full day of listening, and passive isolation cuts background noise for an uninterrupted listening experience. Whether you're on a bus, on a run, in the studio, or alone at home, the Shure KSE1200 delivers audio quality you can count on.Sound-isolating electrostatic earphones that fit in your pocketElectrostatic technology has done some impressive things with audiophile headphones and speakers. Unfortunately, both the drivers and the energizers (amplifiers) tend to be rather large, and so are usually relegated to home theaters and studios. But Shure has managed to shrink its KSE1200's electrostatic drivers down to the size of dimes, and its power amp down to the size of a last-gen smartphone. So now audiophiles can take their most demanding hi-fi system anywhere in the world.Unparalleled frequency and transient responseFor each of its KSE1200 drivers, Shure sandwiched a razor-thin, electrically charged diaphragm between two conductive plates. These plates create a magnetic field when they receive an audio signal, which moves the diaphragm and creates sound. The nearly mass-less diaphragm and short excursion reproduce transients faster and frequencies fuller than traditional magnetic drivers. Mids and highs are rich and natural. Lows are beefy without being oppressive. And the stereo field is broad and dynamic.An immersive listening experienceShure has engineered the KSE1200s to let music lovers experience their music the way the artists and producers intended, with sounds that pop out of the stereo field and parts that come to life which may have been overlooked. The passive isolation on the KSE1200s feels pretty close to in-ear monitors — while we at Sweetwater wouldn't recommend them for the stage, for casual use, the isolation is rather good.Shure KSE1200 Electrostatic Earphone System Features:. Portable, rechargeable electrostatic playback system. Experience your music like never before. Built on the same platform as last year's bleeding-edge KSE1500 system. Lack of DAC and DSP reduce cost and size. Connects directly to your phone, tablet, or computer by way of 1/8 stereo cable. Dime-sized electrostatic drivers reproduce fast transients and a full frequency range. Isolating earphones cut out background noise — great for travel. Special Kevlar cable is strong, flexible, and low capacitance. Impressive frequency response (10Hz–50kHz) and dynamic range — sounds great at any level. Rechargeable lithium-ion battery delivers 12 hours of playback time. What's included: earphones, amp, case, USB charging cable, 1/8 connector cables, earphone tips, and pairing bands. Earphones

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