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Microphones & Wireless - A Must-have Mic Bundle for Studio and StageWhen you buy a Shure SM57, you'll be getting a great dynamic microphone for life. Accounts of its heroic toughness form the basis fo  


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Microphones & Wireless - A Must-have Mic Bundle for Studio and StageWhen you buy a Shure SM57, you'll be getting a great dynamic microphone for life. Accounts of its heroic toughness form the basis for countless music-industry legends. One reason for the widespread popularity of the SM57 is that it sounds great on a variety of sources. A large percentage of snare drums and many guitar cabinets and vocal tracks recorded in the last several decades owe their sound to the SM57. In this bundle, you get the instrument-focused Shure SM57 cardioid dynamic microphone, a sonically transparent Pro Co 20' XLR cable, and a sturdy, solid Gator Frameworks Mini Tripod mic stand with a stable tripod base.Clear, up-front presence for miking a wide range of sourcesFrom the biggest live stages to the top recording studios worldwide to the presidential podium, the Shure SM57 is one of the most widely used microphones worldwide. One thing that defines the Shure SM57 as the quintessential workhorse microphone is its signature frequency response and presence boost. This natural presence boost brings out clarity in vocals, snap in snare drums, and bite in guitar amps. In general, you'll be able to use your SM57 on anything. In fact, it's common practice on many live stages to use the SM57 for everything!Exceptional versatility onstage and in the studioThe sound of the SM57 isn't the only thing that makes it a fantastic workhorse microphone. Its tight cardioid polar pattern gives you exceptional isolation. In fact, one of the reasons the Shure SM57 is such a popular snare drum microphone is that you can position it to reject the sound of the nearby hi-hat. But the SM57's stellar off-axis sound rejection is not only great in the studio. Onstage, it's easy to position the SM57 so that it won't pick up the sound of the PA, allowing you to get maximum gain before feedback.Built to withstand a lifetime of serious abuseOf course, you can't talk about Shure's SM57 without mentioning its heroic toughness. There are epic videos on YouTube and countless stories of people running SM57s over with trucks, dropping them from buildings, submerging them in salt water, and burying them in the dirt for months — all without so much as affecting their frequency response. What that means to you is that the typical day-after-day, show-after-show abuse of any studio or stage is simply not a problem for this mighty mic. Plug your mic into a premium Pro Co cableFor an XLR microphone cable that won't let you down, look no further than a high-quality cable from Pro Co. For years, Pro Co microphone cables have been the choice of professional studios and live sound engineers worldwide. Whether you're connecting your mic to your favorite preamp, or patching together a rack full of gear, Pro Co has the sound quality you need with performance you can count on.Securely support your SM57 The Gator Frameworks Mini Tripod mic stand is perfectly designed to hold your SM57 exactly where you want it in front of your guitar amp — and keep it there until you move it. With heavy-duty steel construction, a telescoping boom, and a collapsible tripod base, the Mini Tripod is as durable as it is versatile. Plus, it has cable management and removable red trim on the feet for safety!Shure SM57 Cardioid Dynamic Microphone Bundle Features:. Versatile, reliable SM57 dynamic mic with cardioid polar pattern for superior off-axis rejection. Rugged mic body construction and electronic engineering give you years of great performance. Pro Co XLR transparently passes along your signal and will do so reliably for years to come. Gator Frameworks Mini Tripod mic stand securely supports your SM57 and even heavier studio mics. Dynamic Microphones

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